STTC (Sherman) Fall Tournament 2022

Date: Saturday, October 22nd, 2022
The Nazarene Church of Sherman, IL
7085 Village Center Rd, Sherman, IL 62684
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1st Ha Bui
2nd John Wells
Class A
1st Marvin Yu
2nd Ha Bui
Class B
1st Justin Lin
2nd Andro Samaniego
Class C
1st Dan Taylor
2nd Robert Clark
Class A Doubles
1st Thomas Yuan / Justin Lin
2nd Max Manthou / Mercy Chepkosgei
Class B Doubles
1st Peter Peng / Leyan Xiao
2nd John Wells / Don Dagley

Current Event Roster

Raymond Cheng Springfield, IL
Subir Brahma Springfield, IL
Robert Clark Taylorville, IL
Bryant Evans Urbana, IL
Marvin Yu Champaign, IL
Don Dagley Taylorville, IL
Roger Mansholt Gillispie, IL
Danny Johnson Germantown, IL
Bob Brown Decatur, IL
John Wells Decatur, IL
James McNamara Springfield, IL
Andro Samaniego Springfield, IL
Mike Plunkett Hollsboro, IL
Nathaniel Bell Ferguson, MO
John Chen St Louis, MO
Peter Peng St Louis, MO
Leyan Xiao St Louis, MO
Sonny Henderson Cillicothe, IL
John Oros Moline, IL
Mohammed Dawood Forsyth, IL
Bradley Woo Mohomet, IL
Ryan Raymond  St Louis, MO
Shakur Haji Decatur, IL
Dan Taylor Taylor Ridge, IL
Justin Lin St Louis, MO
Royce Hill Chatham, IL
Thomas Yuan St Louis, MO
Max Manthou Bloomington, IL
Mercy Chepkosgei Bloomington, IL
Ha Bui Bloomington, IL

New Location!

We have found a new home
The Nazarene Church of Sherman, IL
7085 Village Center Rd, Sherman, IL 62684

STTC (Sherman) Spring Tournament 2022

Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2022
The Nazarene Church of Sherman, IL
7085 Village Center Rd, Sherman, IL 62684

Tournament Results (Ratings Central Event Link)

1st Eldon Ballenger
2nd Thomas Yuan
Class A
1st Thomas Yuan
2nd Sashrik Sribhashyam
Class B
1st Rick Goertz
2nd Subir Brahma
Class C
1st Brandon Li
2nd Bo Peng
Class A Doubles
1st Thomas Yuan / Sashrik Sribhashyam
2nd Carl Bradley Jr. / Rick Goertz
Class B Doubles
1st Brandon Li / Bo Peng
2nd Ron McCarty / Don Dagley


RC Rating Player
1668 Carl Bradley Indy
1644 Bryant Evans CTTC
1635 Faizaan Shaikh STTC
1615 Rick Goertz STTC
1573 John Oros Quad-City
1560 Thomas Yuan St Louis
1560 Sashrik Sribhashyam St Louis
1550 Raymond Cheng STTC
1450 Max Manthou Bloomington
1445 Brad Woo CTTC
1430 Joe Stewart Decatur
1314 Amrit Bagchi St Louis
1310 Bob Brown Decatur
1275 Shakur Haji Decatur
1254 Caleb Hall Charleston
1220 John Wells Decatur
1200 Shekar Brahma STTC
1122 Subir Brahma STTC
1060 Eldon Ballenger Quad-City
1050 Dan Taylor Quad-City
1000 Azhar Aslam STTC
990 Ojas Panwar STTC
950 Jim Vetter STTC
885 Brett Walker Dieterich, IL
819 Ron McCarty Decatur
772 Don Dagley Decatur
760 Danny Long STTC
750 Dakota Davis STTC
732 Brandon Li St Louis
700 Kevin Switzer STTC
624 Bo Peng St Louis

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